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    Our Lineage



Camino Do Amor’s lineage is Peruvian Mestizo. Mestizo literally means “mixed”- a mix of European and Indigenous cultures. Mestizo shamanism has a rich history throughout Peru, and Latin America in general.

Our lineage began with Maestro Don Julio Jerena Pinedo, who was well known for his work with trees, plants and Ayahuasca. Maestro Don Roldan was a “copadre” of Don Julio, and Maestro Gumercindo Galindo was Don Julio’s godson.

In 2011 the Galindo family opened La Familia Medicina, which they operated until 2014. Scott and Amy met the family there in the March of 2013. Within a few months after their initial meeting, Amy and Scott returned to study under the tutelage of Maestro Gumercindo Galindo and Maestro Don Roldan Galindo (Gumercindo’s father).

In September of 2014, Camino Do Amor was established with a Redwood dieta that took place in Northern California. Presently, Camino Do Amor continues to grow with new members that are also dedicated to this sacred path of spiritual awakening.


Our Senior Members

Scott Latham

Scott Latham became interested in consciousness and spirituality at a young age, and has maintained a formal meditation practice for the last 15+ years. From this foundation he continued to study multiple spiritual modalities, including entheogenic work, which eventually brought him to Peru in early 2013. There he met Ayahuasca and was introduced to the practice of shamanic plant dietas. After experiencing the healing potential of these traditional customs he began intensively studying the medicine and culture of Mestizo shamanism with the guidance of the Galindo Family.

Since then, he has returned to the United States and spent the vast majority of his time dieting plants and working with Ayahuasca.  Scott currently focuses on integrating the teachings of spiritual masters into the context of plant shamanism to help each person discover a deep unconditional reverence for all of Life’s manifestations.

Scott is also a talented musician that offers a unique form of medicine through his own musical creations. Some of his original songs can be heard at Scott’s website.

Amy Wharton

amy Amy was called to shamanic healing in Peru at La Familia Medicina, where she began studying plant medicine and assisting with retreats in 2013. Upon returning to the states, she continued to pursue this path with Camino Do Amor. Amy draws upon her yogic roots, experience in the Amazon, and current work with North American trees to help guide participants along their journeys to cleanse, heal, and transform the body, mind, and spirit.

Through a compassionate, feminine approach, Amy focuses on empowering others to connect with their inherent divinity, reclaim their capacity for balance and wholeness, and live more fully from the heart. Devotional service and her own spiritual practice have revealed a deep understanding of the nature of suffering, the oneness of life, and the unconditional love and grace that permeate all experience. Amy strives to share and embody these teachings with gratitude, joy, and gentle presence. She also seeks to expand awareness around the wealth of wisdom embedded within shamanic healing traditions and provide a safe, supportive, sacred space for their sincere exploration.

Sean Adams

sean_boat_small Sean is responsible for our church facilities in Bend, Oregon. Formerly an inventor, he began his spiritual journey at La Familia Medicina, then found his calling as an apprentice at Camino Do Amor. Sean has a passion for creative pursuits such as construction and woodworking. He is presently studying shamanic healing under Scott and Amy, and also visits the jungle to learn from Maestro Gumercindo Galindo.

About Our Church

Camino do Amor is a syncretic religion, brought to North America from Peru. We believe that Ayahuasca is the spirit of Christ: that it embodies His essence and teachings. We believe that this sacrament allows us to establish a personal connection with the Divine. We drink Ayahuasca with reverence, in formal services which are held at scheduled times. Ayahuasca is our single sacrament.

Mestizo shamanism blends aspects of Christianity and indigenous traditions.  We view all plants as gifts from the Divine.  The plants purify our physical and spiritual bodies, such that our connection with the Divine can be experienced directly.  While this is clearest during ceremony, through the practice of dieta we are able to establish a lasting connection in daily life.

Mestizo shamanism’s view of Christianity is direct and simple: God is Love and Love is God.  This is neither preached nor proselytized by the shamans.  The understanding is that one who participates is called by the Divine to do so.  Then, through ceremony and dieta, participants are free to reach their own conclusions.  To put it another way: our religion is based upon direct experience.

Our services are led by a team of senior members who have studied the teachings of Maestro Don Julio Gerena Pinedo, under the guidance of Maestro Don Roldan Galindo Shapiama and Maestro Gumercindo Galindo Shapiama.

In addition to our ceremonies or services, we practice “the shamanic dieta”. During a dieta, certain foods are restricted, while a daily tea made from tree barks or plants is consumed. These trees, which we hold as spiritual teachers, include Juniper, Oak, Redwood, and others which we import from Peru.

Members of Camino Do Amor are expected to uphold essential Christian ethics.  The foremost being “love God with all your heart” and “love your neighbor as you love yourself”.  This includes refraining from lying, stealing, or doing any harm. Furthermore, we embrace the Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Yogic and Shamanic principles of non-judgement, forgiveness, acceptance and love.

While our lineage is Mestizo Shamanism, we view all paths as valid. In fact, we integrate our understanding of other paths into our personal practices.  Our senior members have additionally studied the teachings of Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu to name a few.

Camino Do Amor screens members for sincerity, as well as psychiatric and physical conditions.  We conduct this screening in order to ensure that our work is safe and productive for all participants. We only accept participants whom we determine would safely benefit from our services.

Our services are usually held at our main church in Oregon. However, we occasionally hold services in other venues, including outdoor destinations. We use sacred writings and songs during our services, which include invocations and prayers, hymns, mantras, and icaros.

Camino Do Amor recognizes each member’s degree of experience, as reflected by seating position and certain roles. During services, members are asked to wear comfortable clothing. Senior members are to dress in white. Camino Do Amor recognizes Sunday as a day of rest, and Christmas and Easter as holidays on which services are to be held.

Camino Do Amor believes that our work may be of great value to others. However, we do not wish to proselytize, as we hold all paths as valid. The church communicates its schedule and educational resources through this web site, and new members may also hear about us through invitation.