Ayahuasca and YOUR Consciousness

Ayahuasca and YOUR Consciousness


The team at Ayahuasca Satsangha has become huge fans of David Hawkins Phd. and his books such as “Truth vs. Falsehood”, “Power vs. Force”, “The Eye of the ‘I’, Which Nothing is Hidden”, etc…  These books are focused on raising consciousness by teaching about the following:


Humans have no ability to discern between that which is true and that which is false.  We believe that we are good at this, but in fact we have no clue.  Think about it, if we were good at determining that which is true/false we would have very few problems in our lives as we would always choose or follow truth.  If we were good at this there would never have been a Hitler, a Stalin, nor the various cult leaders such as Jones or David Koresh.  Trials of criminals would always produce just judgements (this is proven by the fact that eyewitnesses are often wrong regarding what happened at a crime i.e. DNA testing has proven many cases to be falsely judged based on eyewitness accounts).  We would not be suckered into buying shoddy products or services.  In fact poor quality products and services would not even exist as people would simply know not to buy them.  Sometimes we do get lucky with this dilemma, but it has nothing to do with our ability to discern between what is true/false.


One way to look at it is that our minds are like a piece of computer hardware with no

control as to what software or data is installed.  Society is constantly installing software/data into our heads and we have no real idea which software/data to keep or clean off the hard drive.


Given this defect we all have, it is no surprise that we have a difficult time raising our consciousness levels.  We have to rely on trial, error, and luck to find a spiritual organization, a spiritual teacher with integrity, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls as we progress/regress on our paths.


One of the key techniques Hawkins teaches is a simple technique using kinesiology. Once this technique is mastered (it takes practice and has very specific guidelines in order for it to work), anyone can determine what is true/false in a matter of seconds.  Obviously this is a huge discovery and we highly recommend you read these books as the applications are endless.


In addition to being able to determine what is simply true or false, we can use this technique to determine levels of consciousness .  For this, Hawkins has developed a scale of 0- 1000.  This is a logarithmic scale, so each incremental point up the scale is more and more powerful.  That said, once momentum gets going up the scale, it gets easier and easier.  Below are some, not all, important levels in the scale-


0- 199 Falsehood/ lack of integrity.  85% of the world population is in this range.


200 Basic integrity/truth.  Only 15% of the world population is above 200.


540- 599 Unconditional Love.  Spontaneous healing for those entering the field of this person starts to happen at levels above 540.


600+ Enlightenment


1000 Absolute Truth.  Examples:  Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna


We know that some people will have a problem with putting a number to consciousness, we certainly did at first.  This is just a form of spiritual ego- I don’t need to have a number scale, I can “feel” in my heart what is “right”.  Well that is simply false as stated in the paragraphs above. It is important to realize that this scale is just a map that can help us in positive ways, and as stated above we do not have the ability to discern truth from falsehood.  The scale is just a useful tool for our linear minds.


Being higher or lower on the scale is not important.  It is just a map that can be used for consciousness development and especially helpful in choosing spiritual teachers and spiritual paths.  Just because you may be higher or lower on the scale than another does not matter.  Those lower on the scale are not “bad people”, they just have limited capabilities, have more work to do and deserve compassion.  Those that are higher on the scale can be a source of inspiration and even teachers.


Now, before we get into the meat of this post- how much ayahuasca can raise consciousness, I want to point out that the majority of people only increase their consciousness by 5 points during their entire lifetimes.  We also want to reiterate that each point on the scale is more and more difficult to achieve.  Those 5 points that most people achieve are hard earned increases in consciousness.  It is also worth mentioning that consciousness levels move all the time.  One can move up and down the scale based on influences one is exposed to and the spiritual practices one does.  The consciousness scale is not like your IQ.  As far as we know, your IQ score is set for your physical lifetime.


Ok, with all of that said we can get into how ayahuasca can impact your consciousness levels.


Both Alex and myself used Hawkins technique to determine how much ayahuasca raises consciousness in the following situations:



  • The impact ayahuasca (our recipe- ayahuasca, chacruna, sanango and various tree barks) has on an average person’s consciousness during an ayahuasca ceremony.


  • The lasting impact of combining 4-6 ayahuasca ceremonies, a 7-8 day shamanic dieta, and medicinal tree bark teas has on consciousness (again our recipe and shamanic dieta).


  • The impact ayahuasca has on an energetically “clean” shaman during ceremony i.e. how a shaman or maestro is able to heal during ceremony.




Before going into the above points it is important to highlight that ayahuasca itself calibrates at 598 on the Hawkins scale.  This is just below enlightenment which is at 600 and it is above the critical 540 level where spontaneous healing happens.  This makes sense as ayahuasca is primarily used as a healing plant and spirit.  Also, using ayahuasca alone (to our knowledge) does not lead all the way to longer term (beyond/outside ceremony) levels of 600+ or enlightenment.  It can lead to temporary enlightenment in ceremony for someone that calibrates higher than 460 (see ayahuasca effects in ceremony below).


For an average person their consciousness can jump an astounding 140-150 points during ceremony.  This result makes intuitive sense as we have all heard the amazing realizations people have had during ceremony.  Many people in the west calibrate in the high 300s and 400s.  There are often realizations of oneness, allness, and unconditional  love.


As for longer term impact, a person who partakes in 4-6 ceremonies and a shamanic dieta leaves the retreat having raised their consciousness 11-15 points.  Keep in mind this jump in consciousness needs to be nurtured with other practices such as meditation, prayer, or studying with a highly calibrated spiritual teacher in order to maintain the increase.  It should be understood that when we return home to western society we are bombarded by negative influences/energies that can bring us back down.  If a spiritual practice is in place upon returning home, it helps maintain or even increases consciousness levels.  This is not to say that ayahuasca will not change lives in a positive way without a spiritual practice.  I have noticed that people do improve their lives via better diet/health, better connection with people etc…  These are things that a higher consciousness allows one to learn.  You can learn a lesson through higher consciousness, drop in consciousness and still have learned that lesson.


It is our hypothesis that due to the above point, people often return to Peru to drink ayahuasca multiple times just to clean out re-accumulated or new negative energies.  Yes their lives are improving each time from the lessons learned, but their consciousness is not necessarily increasing each time they return.  If someone wants to maintain and maximize the increase of consciousness, they can combine spiritual practices with ayahuasca.  It makes sense that people consider this so that they can return to increase consciousness even further, not just to run on a consciousness treadmill.


When Alex and Zach calibrated the impact ayahuasca has on a shaman during ceremony we were somewhat surprised that the cleaner energy channels that a shaman has due to drinking a lot of ayahuasca did not mean a jump in consciousness relative to a non-shaman.  The increase in consciousness for a shaman during ceremony is between 140-150 points which is pretty much inline with a non-shaman.  That said, a shaman has more experience being at those higher levels.  When a westerner drinks ayahuasca the sudden increase in consciousness is often disorienting and sometimes disconcerting.  Therefore, it is our conclusion that with significant experience the shaman gains more control and has gained skill at the higher consciousness levels. This allows for healing to occur.


Remember that healing happens above 540, so a quality shaman needs a consciousness level of 390-400 to cause healing energy to be generated from their energy field.  Also remember that ayahuasca calibrates at 598.   Therefore we can conclude that when a guest/patient ingests ayahuasca it provides an energetic field that heals.  So a shaman need not  calibrate above 390 for healing to happen, ayahuasca will provide the healing in these cases. (Important Note: we are not suggesting that anyone drink ayahuasca without a quality shaman as there are many other factors to consider.  It is quite dangerous to come to this conclusion.  We are only examining ayahuasca as it relates to consciousness levels.)  If a shaman does calibrate above the 390-400 level, the guest receives significantly more healing benefit from both the shaman and the ayahuasca.  This is how shamans become famous for their amazing healing abilities.


Paradoxically as a shaman (or spiritual teacher) increases in fame and notoriety, their consciousness levels often drop. Sometimes they experience a significant drop. This is because as they become more well known, they are exposed to egoic temptations such as money,  power,  and sex.  Another pitfall is that they become enamored with astral realms, special powers and/or shamanic materials.  This is a regularly occurring phenomenon in the Amazon as the shamanic tradition is not focused on consciousness and does not warn of the egoic spiritual pitfalls that lurk at the higher levels of consciousness. Ironically it is when these shamans/teachers who have fallen in consciousness, they actually increase in popularity.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that the fall happens after they become popular and the general public does not have the ability to discern the integrity/calibration of the teacher, the public is just blindly following the herd.  The other reason is that egoic energy is attracted to egoic energy.  Most people do not have a good sense of their own ego.   The egos of guests/students love to be around a teacher/shaman that has a big ego.  They are ego food for each other.


One interesting question we came across is that there are shamans that are able to heal outside of ceremony (without ayahuasca) that calibrate under 540.  In fact there are no shamans in Peru (based on our calibrations) that calibrate at or above 540.  So Alex and Zach asked a few other questions using the calibration technique.  Is it because the shaman has special training?  False.  Is it because ayahuasca is still circulating in the system of the shaman (due to ingestion of large amounts of ayahuasca over time)?  False.  Is it because of karmic history?  False.  Is it simply divine will or divine gift?  True.  So in these cases, as with everything, it is all up to the divine.  I am sure this answer will throw some people for a loop.  Not much we can do about that



Net net the key point here is that ayahuasca definitely raises consciousness during ceremony and if someone does a full shamanic dieta along with ayahuasca they can see a more sustainable jump of 11 points within 8 days which is more than twice what most realize in a lifetime.  Also, by adding or continuing other practices after the return home to western civilization you can maintain or increase consciousness levels.  If you do multiple diets, add other spiritual practices over a longer period of time, consciousness can be raised SIGNIFICANTLY.


Raising consciousness is never a straight line “up and to the right”.  There are plateaus and regressions throughout life regardless of ayahuasca and other practices.  We all have egos, work to do, and our own processes.


We want to thank David Hawkins for his wonderful books and sharing his calibration techniques with the world.  I invite you to read these books as reading them will also raise your consciousness significantly.


If you do read these books and learn the calibration techniques outlined therein, please calibrate your current spiritual teacher, shaman, and those you are considering working with.  Please calibrate us, ask various questions regarding Ayahuasca Satsangha.  Don’t take what anyone tells you at face value, find out the truth for yourself.


This post calibrates between 500 and 505.



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