Guest Q&A: Mamma Aya is Fading from View..

Hello fellow soul surfers, Chris here again.  Continuing our daily conversations about Ayahuasca and our journey of spirit and consciousness– i never get tired of talking about it!

Per my post at our facebook wall (, i want to start a regular blog conversation started by our LFM former and interested guests.  There have been really great questions coming through that has relevance for all of us, as this this journey is a constant process of rediscovery and going deeper into the infinite layers of our consciousness and return to pure Soure.

So this post will come from a former guest who asks this question:


“I would like to deepen my connection with Aya although I feel the medicine is slowly fading. I try to focus on my third eye (the only chakra I’ve been able to feel so far) when I meditate, and I do feel more at peace, but I can’t feel her presence anymore. Are there any meditation techniques you could recommend?”


The fading you are experiencing is not uncommon.  In fact, it’s more common than not. It’s why some of us try to meet Momma Aya regularly during the year to keep clean and in touch with the vision of Spirit. The reason is that our minds/egos are powerful little punks that convince us to slip back into old habits of thinking and acting. Add to that the sometimes chaotic energies swirling around us in the lives we live that become attached to us and also disconnects our inner perception (or feeling of connection) to Spirit.

Think of it this way; you are driving down the road enjoying the sunlight and music playing on the radio and suddenly some angry guy flies past you, swerves into your lane and gives you the international sign of “f*ck off!” because you happened to be taking your sweet time and he was too much in a hurry to deal with your slow-poke driving.  Most of us get a little upset by the jerky behavior. Some of us really have our egos off the handle and we get ANGRY. “How dare that jerk..blah blah blah.”

What happened there wasn’t just a simple interaction of psychological  emotions. There was also an exchange of “energetics”.  In the jerk’s case, it was an anger energy he was projecting to an innocent bystander, which in return “injured” you on a deep level and stimulates either your upper level emotion of hurt or more often our anger- which is a defense mechanism that is programmed deep in our brainstem’s “fright/flight” center, but expressed as “fright–>anger”. Our shiny, happy little Heart had dirt kicked on it by a person who was asleep in his ego and totally unaware of how self-serving and spiritually disconnected he is from Love.  So there we stand with a energetic dirt stain on us we didn’t ask for.  You say to yourself, “That jerk just needs Love…”

(Notice how i expertly combined “jerk” and Love into that section…haha! I amuse myself sometimes)

To maximize your connection, Zach and i recommend a DAILY practice of yoga and meditation, or whatever spiritual practice is meaningful to you. Whatever path you chose, just practice it every day! Morning and night is great.  Moment to moment is even greater! (meditating on awareness while sitting in traffic, standing in line in the airport, or sitting on hold on the phone to pay your telephone bills are great ways to de-stress and connect you in the instant to your deepest self).  Observe that noisy mind churn through pointless thoughts, worries, and memories.  With practice, that noisy little ego child will learn it’s best to shut up when standing in temple of the Divine.

And don’t hesitate to switch things up with different yoga/meditation/spiritual techniques and practices to keep things fresh. Take the search for spirit in a moment-by-moment basis.  Never practice something just to complete a routine.  There is no mindless shortcuts to the Divine. It takes a conscious effort to focus into the present moment of experience for the Divine to be revealed.  And the curtain that hides it from sight is our own mind’s noisy television channels of non-stop banter and distractions.  So mediation is a great tool to begin opening that curtain to your inner Self, your true Self.

And in the story of the “jerk” experience i mentioned above, we need to be mindful that we all live in a vast ocean of each other’s spiritual energies- whether they are Light or Dark. Realize that the places. people, music, media, and experiences we expose ourselves to have their own level of spiritual vibration.  Hang out with high vibraters and you’ll vibrate higher (…gulp, something about that sentence sounds obscene..) and hang out with Dark energy experiences and your Light will be parasitized and soiled.  Joking aside, this is a basic tenet that is followed by every serious seeker of higher consciousness and spirituality throughout time.

But sometimes that noise and baggage of life get piled on so thick, we lose our way.  Where once we stood in awe at the glory of the mountain top standing in radiant sunshine, now we stand in a gray, dark valley looking up at thick dark clouds and wonder if what we saw was really there.  That’s a moment where we question if it’s not time to go back to Aya school and have the secret formula re-explained to your Heart.  And after that re-education, we may begin to realize we’d rather do everything we can to keep the view to the Divine open then devote any of our precious time and efforts to the worldly things that obscure our spiritual vision.

Would love to hear your thoughts…


Love & Light,


La Familia Medicina



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