La Familia Medicina is Closing

I am writing this and posting this with tears of sadness……


After much deliberation and struggle both Roberto and I have decided that it is necessary to close La Familia Medicina effective immediately.


The reasons are both based in spiritual philosophy and “material world” factors.  In our view, the more important of the two is based in our recent spiritual realizations.


Both  Roberto and I are dedicated to the “larger spiritual path” of absolute and radical Truth.  That is Truth with a capital “T”.  A key part of this path is the recognition that integrity is absolutely key.  What we have realized is that in order to embody integrity we often times have to experience very messy situations.  We do recognize that these messy situations are our own making and we need to take responsibility for that.  We have to face things we don’t necessarily want to face.  We also have to do things we do not want to do because our nature/programming is such that we often times want to avoid a perceived pain or suffering.  It is in facing these fears and suffering that we are able to transcend them and thus clean them.


In the recent weeks we have realized that this path does not align with Amazonian Ayahuasca Shamanism.  We are not saying that Ayahuasca or Ayahuasca Shamanism is “bad”.  It is a path that has taught and helped us immensely.  It is also a path that helps and will help a huge number of people in the future.  Personally I will continue to work with Ayahuasca via the Santo Daime and individually (just in a new manner).  Roberto has chosen not to work with teacher plants and will be focusing on a meditation based methodology.


All paths are leading to the same ultimate goal and we need to choose paths based on “where we are at”.  At the same time, when we recognize that a modality, tool or path is no longer in alignment with where we are at we need to drop it (preferably) without attachment.  To do otherwise would cause one to be out of integrity.


When one is out of integrity it can manifest in many ways ranging from physical illness to a more subdued energetic drain.  Both Roberto and I have experienced both in recent months.


It is because we feel out of integrity that we feel that it neither serves us nor  our guests to continue with retreats at La Familia Medicina.  We simply can not, in good conscience, provide the level of service that we believe either party would be happy with.

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