La Familia Medicina is Offering a New Dieta- “The Training Dieta”

Many of you may already know that I am a huge fan of shamanic dietas.  A shamanic dieta simply cleans you out more and allows the medicine to go deeper faster than if  you were just to drink ayahuasca without a dieta.  Maestro Gumercindo says ” You can drink ayahuasca 100 times without a dieta and it won’t come close to doing an 8 day dieta with 4-6 ceremonies.”

I have seen with my own eyes how a dieta can clean and heal much faster than drinking ayahuasca alone.  A friend of mine came down with me a few years ago to Peru for five ceremonies, but without a dieta.  He had a very difficult time and never really broke through to actually enjoying ceremonies.  His experiences were scary, intense, and he did not seem to be making any progress.  Then, just this past July he came to La Familia Medicina for a dieta and 5 ceremonies.  This time he committed to the shamanic dieta.

My friend was terrified to go into the first ceremony, but he persevered. The first two ceremonies were quite intense for him as he was heating up and purging A LOT.  This was the combination of the ayahuasca, the tree bark tea, and the restricted diet cleaning him out/straightening his energies.  We gave him lots of personal attention and encouragement which helped significantly.  He was 50/50 about going to a third ceremony, but he stepped up and went anyway.  It was the third ceremony that he broke through.  The ayahuasca and tree barks had done there work.  He was loving his experience.  He was done purging.  He actually started to look forward to ceremony from that point on.  My thesis is that without the dieta, he would have been “stuck” in this fear of ayahuasca.  The dieta helped him break through that fear and go even further with greater realizations and healing.

The above was only one example.  I now have seen this to be a quite consistent cycle for those who are on the dieta:  the first 1-2 ceremonies are intense purging with a breakthrough sometime during or after the second ceremony.  A dieta is hard, but WELL WORTH IT.

Shamanic dietas are quite strict and difficult, particularly from a food standpoint. For those that are new to the idea of the dieta, here are a list of rules and food that can be eaten during and after the 7-8 days on the strict shamanic dieta:


-No salt

-No sugar

-No oil

-No spices

-No touching other people

-Avoid the sun

-Avoid strangers

-The food consists of the following: chicken, fish, rice, yucca, potato, platano, cucumber, and coconuts.

-After the 7-8 days of the dieta no sex, drugs, or alcohol for 30 days and no pork for 6 months.

-After the 7-8 days of the dieta no sugar or acid fruits for a week.

As you can see the food variety is quite limited, especially when it comes to vegetables.  Well I have been asking Maestro Gumercindo many questions about the food since I started to work with him.  The above dieta is for those who want to follow the shamanic path.  We have come up with a new dieta, “The Training Dieta”.  This new dieta is for those who want to do deep, serious work but are not interested in becoming a shaman.  The difference between the two dietas is that “The Training Dieta” allows for a wide variety of vegetables and grains.  So if you have wanted to do the dieta, but were afraid that the food would just be too bland or limited, this may be an option for you to check out.

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