Raising Consciousness with Ayahuasca Part II

This post is to augment my previous post.   It occurred to me the other night in ceremony that my previous post may have been perceived by some as discounting the work that peruvian shamans do with ayahuasca and other plant medicines.  This is not the case at all, and I apologize to those who took it that way.


I want to reiterate that I have noticed that peruvian shamans are focused on healing.  This is truly God’s work.  There are several local shamans who are absolutely amazing in their field.  By helping other people, higher consciousness is a by-product.  Again it is not a focus.


My point is that Gumercindo and I are starting to combine the two focuses as we see them as complementary.  We want to test my hypothesis that combining meditation and yoga practices will lead to acceleration in both areas.


As for my previous post, I have made some slight edits.


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