Rollan is a Rock Star!

The past two ceremonies here in Hererra have been absolutely fucking amazing.  The entire mesa seems to be jumping to new levels….FAST.  The icarros sung by Maestro Don Alberto and Maestro Gumercindo now have an energy that is simply mind blowing.  I listen to them sing and I just sit there and say, “WOW!”  over and over again.  They are touching my heart like never before.  Thank you Maestros!!

Personally I am starting to ENJOY the medicine like never before.  I am now able to have fun in the medicine space.  A new kind of fun that is this immense feeling of pure joy and love.  Oh my GOD!!  I am discovering more and more of my own icarros and finally learning icarros from the Maestros.  A big part of this evolution has been Rollan and his recent break through.

I spent hours over the past few days writing out the story of Rollan.  It is a REALLY long story with lots of detail.  I decided to trash it.  I think the following is a much better version.

Many of the readers of this blog know Rollan.  For those that don’t, here is some background….

Rollan is incredibly high energy.  Rollan is high-amplitude bi-polar.  Rollan is misunderstood by many.

You see, Rollan’s brain works in a very interesting and amazing way.  He is able to take information (once he understands it completely) and think about it in several different ways at once.  Not only is he able to do this, but he makes connections to seemingly unrelated items.  He then uses impeccable logic to produce amazing realizations.  However, there have been some negative side effects of how his brain works.  These negative side effects have been due to misdirected focus and understanding that other people are not nearly as fast as Rollan.

Over the past several months Rollan had been focusing his energy and brain on an online community that really was not all that helpful to him nor anyone else. It was dangerous. In fact it caused those in our local community of friends significant concern.  Rollan was “looping”.  His mind was focusing and rationalizing in an unhealthy manner.

When he came to Hererra, Rollan knew that he needed to do some serious work.  Based on the advice of many, he had finally come to the conclusion that it was time to get serious to clean up his own personal energies so that he can help others.  The suggestion we all had to do this was for him to do at least one dieta if not several.  For those that do not know, a dieta is specifically designed to open the bodies energies so that ayahuasca can do its’ work more effectively (there are other effects of the dieta too, future post on that point).  Rollan put up some resistance to this idea, tried to come up with a special custom “Rollan dieta”, and finally agreed to a dieta suggested by Don Alberto.

I am not going to lie to you.  It was tough working with Rollan the first few days of the dieta.  He was not aware of how his focus point was causing harm to him, and maybe others.  His mind was continually coming up with reasons to get online and connect with this online forum and a specific woman on this forum.  I pleaded with him, Gumercindo pleaded with him.

He would listen to what we were saying, “This woman that you are connecting with online and via phone in order to “save” from dark forces is a Trojan Horse.  She has gotten through your defences and is working to damage you from the inside.”

In these conversations he would agree not to contact her again during the dieta and to focus on the medicine during this time.  Then the next day his brain would come up with a reason to get back online.  He even told me one morning that Hamilton told him to keep in contact with this woman during the dieta as she needed his help.  I thought, “Really!?!”  I backed off as I was not going to get in the way of Hamilton’s instructions.  As it turns out, the woman told Rollan that she contacted Hamilton in the dream space and that Hamilton told her to tell Rollan to stay in contact with her.  I was like, “Umm, so you did not talk directly to Hamilton via email or otherwise!?”  “No”  was the answer.  I pointed out the conflict of interest, the problem with accepting her “message from Hamilton”.  Rollan would not listen.  He insisted that by listening to the words in the message he could tell the message was true.  We were frustrated, but we were not going to give up on Rollan.  We love Rollan.

The next two days or so, was much of the same type of behaviour.  There was progress, but it was slow.  Rollan was on an elliptical arc that was getting closer and closer to a healthy space, but it was moving slowly.  I was starting to worry that one dieta and round of ceremonies would not do it.

Two nights ago, Rollan popped.  He purged really well.  Then during a break in ceremony.  He chuckled and said, “I just realized that this woman is the one attacking me (energetically).”  I said with a big smile, “Yes, that is what we have all been telling you for days now.”

Then I noticed Rollan’s energy expand and expand.  His mind was making huge leaps of realization.  He was now free from the heavy weight of dark BS.  I could feel it in myself.  He was teaching me via his energy.  He was also influencing the entire mesa in an incredible way.  I can not say for sure, but I think Rollan contributed significantly to the huge positive shift in the mesa.

I am sooo happy for Rollan.  He has transformed into a budding Rock Star.  I can’t wait to see him grow into a Maestro.  Thank you Rollan for helping me and the entire mesa.


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