Ayahuasca Combined With Chakra Cleaning and Expansion

Many of you have heard/read about my explanation of how Ayahuasca works relative to our energy system, how she cleans and heals. In this past explanation I talked about her cleaning the nadis (yogic concept) or meridians (chinese medicine concept). The nadis/meridians run throughout our body and if they are open and functioning well, we experience well being and if they are clogged we experience various levels of dis-ease.

I still stand by this analysis and at the same time it is leaving out a key part of the energetic system, the chakras. How does Ayahuasca work with the chakras? This is something I have been analyzing as of late, particularly with our recent Galeh Razin course having just passed as this course had us very focused on the chakras- learning what they are, how they function, etc… 

The conclusion I have come to is that Ayahuasca and the plant medicines can be helpful in cleaning one’s chakras….to an extent, but it is by no means a magic bullet that cleans chakras completely nor do they expand the chakras beyond a temporary timeframe. 

To be clear, when I am talking about chakras being open etc… I am not talking about the Kundalini type of chakra opening. When Kundalini moves up and opens chakras it is at a whole different level. I am talking about chakras being open and functioning as they should in a healthy human being. This in turn can help one proceed on the awakening/spiritual path in a smoother more peaceful manner.

Before I get into how Ayahuasca works with the chakras, let’s talk about the functions of chakras (not a detailed explanation of each chakra, but rather a birds eye view of their main functions). 

Chakras have two main functions:

1) Feed energetic & physical body. This is why if all of our chakras are open and clear/clean, we feel good and have lots of energy. Energy is flowing as it should, feeding areas that need it.

2) They act as a filter and information storage (think hard drive). Chakras filter our thoughts and emotions based on the information that is held in each chakra. Information is recorded on the chakras in two ways: 1) Experiencing thoughts along with a very strong emotion. Example: Trauma or conversely an ecstatic spiritual experience. 2) Repetition of thoughts + emotions and or actions.

When we experience strong emotions such as anger, fear, or extreme doubt with strong thoughts or repetition of these thoughts, this causes a hole or opening in the chakra. If this is repeated, the hole gets bigger and bigger. The use of drugs and alcohol can also open up holes in the chakras.

If we have holes in our chakras this is an opening and attraction for negative energy, energetic parasites and sometimes unwanted entities. Whatever happens on the chakra level then gets duplicated through the various energy bodies.

As it is stated above, the chakras act as a filter for thoughts and emotions based on the information that is already stored on the chakra. Therefore, someone who has chakras with negative information (negative energy, parasites, or entities) stored in their chakra as they go through the world interacting with other people, other energy, etc… the information stored on the chakra distorts any new incoming information which then causes fear and then more holes. This can turn into a cycle/spiral. This distortion can be seen when someone reacts to an event or information that is positive or benign in an oddly negative manner. It can also be seen when someone reacts to a negative event or information with extreme paranoia or extreme fear. In these cases the filters on the chakra are out of wack causing distortion and repeated negative patterns in one’s life.

Now let’s look at the chakra as a storage unit for information, like a hard drive. Just like a hard drive a chakra can hit maximum capacity. At maximum capacity, no new data/information can be put on that hard drive. Therefore, if someone’s chakra/s is full of negative information, new and positive information can not be received/recorded. There simply is no room for this new positive information. The hard drive is full and any interpretation of the new information is distorted. This is the reason that talk therapy can take so long and sometimes is not successful at all. In talk therapy they are not addressing the chakras and therefore, new positive information is not being received. There simply is no room for new information.

In fact, you may have your own personal experience regarding this. Have you ever tried to help someone with a pattern they are repeating in their lives that is hurting themselves and maybe others? Then the person listens to the new positive information and either does not take any action in their lives or the action comes out weirdly distorted. This is because the associated chakra where the conflict lies, is full of negative recorded information (the hard drive is full) not allowing the new positive information in, or distorting the new information in odd unproductive ways.

If the chakra and the energy bodies are cleaned of negative influence (negative energies, parasites, etc..) and, in addition, expanded (example: 250 Gb expanding to 500 Gb), the chakras can take on new positive information which can then be implemented in one’s life.

Now, back to the original topic: how do Ayahausca and plant medicines (plant/tree dietas) work with the chakras? The do so in two ways. First they open/expand the chakras which allows for new positive information to enter. This chakra expansion is temporary as they will eventually shrink back up or close. The expansion lasts about 3 days post ceremony with some chakras closing faster than others (within the 3 days). This expansion can be extended from a time point of view via plant/tree dietas.

Ayahuasca and the other plant medicines also help to clean the chakras, but they seems to do so one item/issue at a time (this process can be fast or slow depending on the person). Luckily the plants know how to prioritize. They go after the biggest issues first. They do this by bringing the issue to one’s awareness such that they can face it, accept it and finally let it go. Again, this can happen quickly or slowly depending on the person’s willingness and ability to let go of issues as they arise. It is this process that causes difficulty in ceremony for people. Ayahuasca and the plant medicines are trying to get through all the gunk in the nadis and the chakras such that there can be a direct relationship/communication between the plants and the person working with the plants (this is when the plants can teach us). The removal process (cleaning) prior to that direct relationship can be difficult or painful. This is why we say that if you have a negative experience with Ayahausca or the plants, it is not the plants, it is you and your “stuff”. This stuff needs to be cleaned before you have a direct relationship with the plants.

One interesting observation is that there seems to be a point in the cleaning process in which the Ayahuasca and plant medicines start to slow down (not stop) in regards to the cleaning. That is, while there is a continual cleaning process, past a certain point, it is at a slower rate. This may be due to the plants themselves or the people working with the plants . Intuitively I feel that it is the people not knowing how to keep their process going at the same rate, but I am unsure and it really does not matter in the end. 

As evidence of this concept we can look at all the plant medicine shamans as our sample set. If the cleaning process were to continue at the same rate as the beginning, then after 500 plus ceremonies and numerous plant/tree dietas we would see a high number of extremely conscious or enlightened shamans. Yes shamans can be of a higher consciousness than most and at the same time we experience or hear stories of shamans engaging in low consciousness activity that is sometimes quite shocking. In fact as I compose this post I have looked at my own personal experience too. I have drunk Ayahuasca at least 700 times, have been dieting trees and plants regularly for the past 6 years. While my life has been changed completely (in very positive ways), I am by no means enlightened and I still have issues that I am working through.

This in turn brings us to the Galeh Razin Chakra Cleaning and Expanding protocol. For those of you who have received lightwork from me post ceremony in the past, this protocol is quite different (the same lineage but at a higher level).

This protocol can be used with or without plant medicines and as the name implies it is a technique to clean the chakras, make them larger, raise one’s vibration and expand one’s aura. It is yet another tool in the CDA healing toolbelt. 

The details are as follows:

The original protocol does not involve plant medicines. It takes a minimum of 5-10 sessions/weeks.

Another option is to combine this protocol with plant medicine ceremonies over a short period of time. Because it is a short period of time, we may not be able to find that “core emotional conflict”, but when one goes into ceremony with clean and expanded chakras it can allow for more positive information to be received from the plant medicines. It can also make the cleansing process that Ayahausca provides to be smoother as much of the cleaning has been done prior to ceremony. 

The details are as follows:

Chakra Cleaning and Expanding combined with Ayahuasca protocol:

– Day 1 prior to the first ceremony there is a Chakra Cleaning and Expanding session as described below.

– Each session cleans the 8 chakras (7 down the center line plus the spleen chakra) of negative influences (energies, parasites, entities, etc..).

– Each session also cleans the physical body, etheric body, astral/emotional body and the mental body of negative influences (energies, parasites, entities, etc..).

– Night 1, 2 and 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies.

– Day 4 (departure day) Chakra Cleaning and Expanding session

Full Chakra Cleaning and Chakra Expanding Treatment (no plant medicine) protocol details:

– 5 to 10 sessions spaced approximately 1 week apart

– Each session cleans the 8 chakras (7 down the center line plus the spleen chakra) of negative influences (energies, parasites, entities, etc..).

– Each session also cleans the physical body, etheric body, astral/emotional body and the mental body of negative influences (energies, parasites, entities, etc..).

– We do multiple sessions with some time between each session because we know that some chakras will close and/or shrink back down. The process is twofold: first the chakras need to stabilize to their larger size, much like exercising a muscle- one workout will not keep you pumped up and secondly, as the process advances we will find one chakra that continually closes down. This one chakra is where one’s “core emotional conflict” resides.

– After each session, one becomes progressively more open to positive information/habits.

– When we identify the “core emotional conflict” we can assign homework to the patient such that they can release that core emotional conflict. Release of the one’s core emotional conflict essentially stops the cycle of holes being created in the chakra. This is key as with any healing process, ultimately the healing is done by the person who is sick.

– The 5-10 sessions are generally enough for each person. If more work is required (very extreme cases), the next round needs to happen between 6-12 months after the initial series of treatments.

– A patient may opt for a tune up with 1-2 sessions a year, but again generally the 5-10 sessions are sufficient.

We are very excited to have learned this Chakra Cleaning and Expanding protocol as it allows CDA to offer a new level of healing to the community. This protocol is great on it’s own and we are particularly excited to combine it with Ayahuasca as the two protocols compliment each other very nicely.

NOTE: To my knowledge, no protocol will solve all of our problems. We are constantly bombarded by life experiences, energies, etc… that can affect us on many levels. This protocol can give us a re-set such that we can learn from life’s ups and downs in a calmer more equanimous manner. In addition effort and work is still needed from the individual receiving this treatment….remember the only one who can heal you, is you. Others can help though, and that is what we are here for.

We also offer DNA Rectification treatments which is another Galeh Razin protocol. DNA Rectification treatments are explained in another post.

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