Galeh Razin Courses- A New Offering By Camino Do Amor

Note:  The Galeh Razin courses will be offered in the USA and Mexico.

Galeh Razin, in a nutshell, is a form of light work or energy work that can be implemented with or without plant medicines. It is not very well known in the English speaking world as the workshops tend to be conducted in Spanish or French, in Latin America and EU. Camino Do Amor is changing this by hosting Galeh Razin workshops run in English in N. America, thanks to our translators.

These workshops are for those interested in learning a powerful healing technique that can be used to heal others and can also be used for one’s own health/wellbeing. Galeh Razin can be a healing path unto itself or combined with other healing modalities such as plant medicines, massage and other energy/shamanic work.

I (Zach) first came across Galeh Razin (also known as Ra-Haraktys) the summer of 2014. Several of my friends from The Way Inn had taken the first level workshop ( “Ra-Haraktys 1st Potency”) down in Peru at The Way Inn. They were all raving about how effective it was both for personal growth/development and how well it worked as a healing modality for others- both in ceremony and outside ceremony. They also indicated that there is an energetic protection aspect to Galeh Razin that is particularly effective to implement prior to any ceremony- plant medicine or otherwise.

The statements from my friends about the energetic protection were particularly interesting to me because of the work we do with plant medicines. This is because when we have ceremony it is like we send out a “beacon” out to the spirit world- “Bing, bing, bing- hey we are having ceremony over here!”. This “beacon” attracts all kinds of energies/spirits. The problem is that not all of those energies/spirits are helpful nor welcome in ceremony. What this means is that the facilitator, while having put in protection via icaros etc.., is continuously checking the space and perimeter of the space such that these unwanted “visitors” are kept outside the space. At the same time, the facilitator is cleaning out unqualified/unhelpful energies that guests have brought in with them (the whole point of ceremony). This means that a facilitator is often expending energy in two directions: towards the guests and the perimeter- keeping unqualified energies/entities out.

When the Galeh Razin protection protocol is used, a series of large spheres or “bubbles” of light are called in (personified as Archangels or Buddhas) creating an impermeable protective barrier around the ceremony space. The great thing about light is that it has no “holes” or crevices to sneak through, unlike calling in protective tree spirits or animal spirits (used in traditional shamanism/Peruvian shamanism). What this means is that the facilitator can put more energy/focus on clearing unwanted/unqualified energies that came in with the guests to ceremony. This translates into deeper, more effective healing for the guests as more energy is freed up to focus on the participants rather than keeping unwanted outside energies out of the ceremony space.

The first time I experienced a ceremony using the Galeh Razin protection protocol I was floored by how clean the space was throughout the ceremony. I was sold. Almost immediately I booked a trip to Mexico to take the 1st Level (Potencia) course.

Keep in mind that the “protection protocol” was what got my attention initially. However, the protection protocol is only a small part of the Galeh Razin technique as it is really a healing modality in it’s own right.

Once the protection protocol is put into place one can do energetic healing work on one’s self or on other people.

This is done by first balancing and expanding the person’s chakras and then intuitively finding energetic “heavy” spots around the patient’s body. This is all done by becoming a channel for various colors of light (personified as Archangels or Buddhas) to come through the body of the practitioner such that the light can be infused into the chakras or energetic “heavy” areas around the patient’s body. Again, this modality can be used to work on one’s own body too. Therefore, it can be considered a “self healing” modality, something we are particularly interested in teaching through at CDA.

Galeh Razin can also be used to increase the vibration of food (blessing food), clearing/cleaning space, and distance healing.

A Brief History of Galeh Razin

The Galeh Razin technique originated in Egypt and then was taken to Tibet. It has been in Tibet until recently when it was taught/transmitted to a Chilean now named “Narsham”. Narsham has been training people in Latin America and in Europe for the past several years. Two of his students: Belinda and Oscar who achieved Maestro/a level are now working with CDA in the USA.

CDA is offering two levels of Galeh Razin, and this will expand as time goes on. Here is a brief description of what one learns during the first course:

Galeh Razin Potency 1 Course

– Learn in depth about the chakra system and the various energetic body systems.

– Learn to set a ceremonial space with energetic cleansing of the space and protection for the space.

– Learn to balance and expand one’s own chakras and do the same for others

– Learn to put in one’s own protective energetic shields for the etheric and astral bodies

– Receive a darshan(transmission) that will open and clean the shushuma (central chakra channel which holds the main chakra centers), open the 7 main chakras, enlarge the main 7 chakras, open the healing chakras on the hands (to send healing energy to another), open the chakras on the feet (to receive energy from the earth), expand the aura and strengthen the aura. This darshan(transmission) will also clear any “brujaria/black magic jobs” and add energetic protection.

– Learn a meditation technique that will begin rectifying one’s own DNA and expand/strengthen one’s own aura.

– Learn the protocol for distance healing for people and spaces.

– Extensive hands on practice to “lock in” the techniques learned.

Some testimonials from those who attended the Galeh Razin Potency 1 Course in August 2015:

I was not sure why I was going to the Galeh Razin workshop. I really didn’t know much about it. I just knew I had to be there. And am I so very happy that I went. I have never really been interested in energy or light work. It just seemed too intangible. After doing this workshop and learning the practice, I am now a believer. I have been using what I learned at the workshop to clear space and keep it clear during my own Kambo ceremonies. I am also using the light work on some of the participants who have a particularly difficult ceremony and the feedback has been amazing. They feel calmer and more at peace. My own experience is this incredible energy I feel going through my hands. This is an amazing workshop. Oscar and Belinda are fantastic teachers. The CDA team, Zach, Scott, Amy and Sean, my deepest gratitude and thanks to you. I can’t wait for the next level Galeh Razin Course.

Much Love,


Really powerful workshop. I was amazed by how tangible the feeling was when I received certain treatments. I was also really impressed by the progression, the first time I tried to scan a person’s chakras I couldn’t feel or see anything. However by the end of the course my ability to perceive the energy had enhanced in receiving and giving. The workshop was well balanced between Learning, Receiving and Doing. Also it was structured well in a way that each lesson or practice was complete but not an overload. Belinda and Oscar embody what they do, it is a blessing to learn from people so skilled and so genuine. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to practice since the retreat and both people who I worked with had no prior knowledge of Galeh Razin or Light work, but both of them came away feeling better than before. I feel that is indicative of, an effective technique and skilled teachers, as I am a total beginner. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to practice while on the retreat, it enhanced my perception and helped me develop confidence. I feel these tools will be useful for us long after the retreat, and for CDA it has potential to complement their work allowing them to heal even more effectively, Awesome! I’m super grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow. Thank You Belinda, Oscar, Zach, Scott, Amy, Sean and everyone at the retreat your all awesome people and it was fun getting to know each of you.



The light workshop & teachings of Galeh Razin are changing my life and my heart. Belinda & Oscar are amazing teachers and beautiful souls. They teach not only through their words and their lessons, but perhaps most powerfully, by the example they set and who they choose to be for others in this world. For me, the workshop was a special combination of energy/healing work, ancient wisdom, and prayer, with each aspect strengthening and bringing more meaning/fullness to the rest. The take-away, step-by-step booklet they provided, summarizing all of the techniques we learned, is allowing me to continue practicing the work on my own – it is an incredible resource. It was an honor and a gift to be part of the level one workshop – sharing the experience with so many special people – including Zach, Amy, Scott, & Sean, who continually graced us with their hospitality, wisdom, humor, and tremendous love. I anxiously await the next level course!!

With love & appreciation,


For those who complete the Galeh Razin Potency 1 course followed by consistent practice (6-12 months), we will be offering the next course titled Galeh Razin Therapy Course. In this course there will be additional, more powerful techniques taught:

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