Galeh Razin DNA Rectification Treatment Protocol

This is another post regarding the Galeh Razin energy/light work that we offer at CDA. Unlike the “basic Galeh Razin lightwork treatment” we do during ceremonies and the more in depth/intense “Chakra Cleaning and Expanding” treatment that we offer in conjunction with our retreats, the DNA Rectification Treatment really does not fit into the “retreat model” that we currently offer as it is best if there are multiple sessions over multiple weeks.

However, it is worth mentioning for those who are interested in this type of work and or treatment as it is energy based and does not necessarily involve plant medicines. This a treatment/technique that can be learned by those who have completed the Galeh Razin Potency 1 Course and are interested in the Galeh Razin Therapy Course. The DNA Rectification Treatment is taught in the next level of Galeh Razin. It may also be of interest to those who live in Oregon as they would be close enough for multiple treatments over multiple weeks.

As the name implies DNA Rectification is working with our “building blocks”, our DNA. In our DNA we hold ALL the information from our current lives, past lives and our lineage/ancestry. It might be said that our past Karma is held/recorded in the codons of our DNA as is our shared family’s Karma. With the DNA Rectification treatment there is a cleaning of the DNA codons and a reorganization of those codons such that they are in order. The analogy my teachers Oscar and Belinda gave was that it is like taking a dirty, disorganized library- cleaning it and putting all the books back into correct order. Since all of our information is held in our DNA, when we clean and reorganize the DNA, we are working through our negative Karma, clearing out internal conflicts and the end result is healing as the causes of dis-ease are worked through, removed and readjusted through this treatment process.

One of the questions that came up as I was learning this technique was “Don’t we have to work through our Karma? This sounds like a “Karmanic” bypass, or a “Karmanic cheat”.” It is neither of these things. We still have to work through our Karma, Karma is something we can not escape. However, how quickly and in what manner we work through our Karma is another story.

During the DNA Rectification process we call upon the “Dyana Bhudicas”- Buddhas or Arch-Angels which are really various rays of light showing up as different colors. These Dyana Bhudicas come in and negotiate how one’s Karma is going to be worked through. Some of the manifestations that I have personally seen are:

– Strange and disturbing thoughts during a treatment session.
– Physical pains/aches during a treatment session.
– Seeing various colors of light during a treatment session.
– Strong emotions arising during a treatment session.
– A multitude of people (old friends/acquaintances) re-entering one’s life in a seemingly random manner, but so many people that it is noticeable phenomenon. Some of these interactions with people bring up past unresolved conflicts that are then resolved.
– Strong emotions coming up outside of the treatment session. Example: two cases where there was a lot of crying and release without really being able to pinpoint the source/reason for crying.

This is a powerful treatment protocol and it is not necessarily easy. However, it is important to note that while it is not easy, the protocol seems to set a space/container that allows Karma to be worked through in a fast, relatively gentle, and SAFE manner. Remember, we all have Karma to work through it is just a matter of time. Do you want to have it spread out over a long period of time, or given the opportunity, work through it in a faster manner?

All of the above said, I am hesitant to say that the DNA Rectification process will work through ALL of our past Karma, but from what I have seen, it goes after some pretty major stuff.

DNA Rectification Protocol Details:

– Five 1-1.5 hour sessions
– Each session spaced approximately 3 days- week apart. In certain cases all 5 can be done within a week, but integration time between sessions is ideal.
– Session 1 is focused on the Physical Body DNA
– Session 2 is focused on the Etheric Body DNA
– Session 3 is focused on the Emotional/Astral Body DNA
– Session 4 is focused on the Mental Body DNA
– Session 5 is focused on the various sub body DNA. Session 5 can be done from a distance.

It is worth noting that the DNA Rectification Protocol can be combined with the Chakra Cleaning and Expansion protocol.

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